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Dave Hrynkiw
January 12, 2003

Neil Sandstrom from the BEAM mailing list recently posted a notice about his "ShokHead" circuit built from our tutorial. What makes this project a bit different is that he mounted it on a VPM motor, so it's all self-contained. Here's what he says about it:

 Just finished!!! Check it out it is really small!! Uses all smd parts except Main Cap and PDs.  Parts 1 x SB VPM vibrating disk motor 2 x SFH203PFA Photodiodes 1 x 74AC240 (SOIC) 2 x .22uF 16 Volt smd cap  Miller SE... 1 x Panasonic BP2422 Solar Cell 1 x MN1382-J (smd) 1 x ZN2106G (SOT223) 1 x SB Small 1000uf cap 1 x TMMBAT42 (smd schottky diode) 1 x .22uF 16 Volt smd cap It turns a small amount but it does function well. Maybe a bigger cap like 3300uF in the next one. I temporarily gave up on Fled and Fred heads and opted for the very low part count and easy freeformability of the Solarbotics ShokPhoto Head Circuit. Thanks SB!!! 

He's also posted links to the videos of it here.
Due to bandwidth constrictions on his present server, we're mirroring the large video file here.
Nice job, Neil!


December 9, 2004
Harold's "Tank"

Harold Ilano built this SW2.2 / VBug inspired 5 motor walker named "Tank", and just recently announced it on the BEAM mailing list. It's a very effective and quick device - nicely done, and well worth a look-see. It still impresses me what we can do without a microcontroller...

March 28, 2002
Sundancer review

Canada Computes has just run a web-review of our Sunancer Butterfly kit. Read More...

August 8, 2017
LED Earrings

The idea of adorning oneself with glowing bits has been around forever, but instead of smearing ourselves with phosphorescent jellyfish or placing fireflies in ears like some uncivilized cavemen we went for simple LED earrings. We made a build that involves a simple slow-scroll RGB LED and a few reflective bits to bounce that pretty […]

December 7, 2012
Friday New Product (All Two of Them!) Po...

Today we proudly present not ONE, but two products! Mind-blowing stuff... So impressive... Well, if someone didn't beat me to the The Northern Lights Bundle yesterday, we would've had three... Solid State Relay SSR-10DD 10A/5-60VDC 3-32VDC $10.00 Traditional relays actually have physical little contacts that when powered by a little signal, bang together to pass […]

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