Cool Links Wednesday

printgreen_11 Green 3D Printer
3D printing “filament” infused with living seeds: this is when “eat your greens” takes on a whole new meaning. (Via Colossal)
sized_det_DB_DSC9410 Longitude and latitude
Beautiful CNC renders of wave patterns captured by drone, by David Bowen. (Via CreativeApplications)
julien-breton-light-painted-calligraphy-designboom-001 Light calligraphy
Painting with light never gets old – especially if it is beautiful Arabic calligraphy. (Via Designboom)
Untitled-1 REIFY NYC
Coding sound into 3D objects and then back into sound, thus making music into a tangible memory. (Via REIFY NYC)
Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 9.49.36 AM Lightning in slow motion
.. looks amazing. Compare to how slow the windshield wipers are moving! (Via IFLScience)