Cool Links Wednesday: Robot Games, Flyin’ Stuff, and Nixie-esque Tubes

So, it’s Wednesday. That day that comes smack-dab in the middle of the week. And to inject a bit of excitement into things, we’ve put together a fistful of the cool likes we’ve been stumbling across.

  • WCRG this Weekend: This year’s Western Canadian Robot Games will be taking place at the Aero Space Museum of Calgary on May 12th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Solarbotics is proud to be supprting the event by donating some prizes, and we encourage everyone to check it out!
  • Quadrotos @ Protospace: Dave recently introduced a guest to Protospace (the Calgary hackerspace), who specializes in some pretty impressive remote control quadrotors.
  • Useless Radar Machine: OZHobbies, is showing off a proximity-based Useless Box that closes when someone comes near. Oh, those crazy Germans…
  • YS-160 Tuning Eye Visualizer: Yana, our Graphic Designer Extraordinaire, seems to have an unshakable fixation with Nixie Tubes recently, and stumbled on this sound visualization device, as well as an old Soviet Nixie-like display.

  • RC Car Controller and Receiver Replacement: Hackaday just posted a neat Arduino and Bluetooth project for an RC car, similar to something we did not too long ago with the Brutusbot.

There ya go, five links for you to satisfy your internet-surfin’ needs. We’ll see you on Friday with our new products!