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June 19, 2013

Oh the rain… Oh the 90% humidity… This is the monsoon that happens sometimes in Albertaland. The rain floods basements, frizzes hair, overflows rivers. What is doesn’t do is dryclean the basement carpets, straighten hair, and apply various agricultural procedures of soil draining. Neither it brings you cool links! Which are by some strange coincidence right here:

Vector display Twitter client
This DuMont Labs 208B was hacked to connect to internet and search for "I" in twitter feeds. I don't know about you, I always find old electronics given a new life fascinating.
You Shall Have Bike Lanes Wherever You Go
A collection of links of bicycle gadgets, from a portable bike lane to a vest with LED turn signals. Some digging probably will be required to find the how-tos.
blank Ákob Leather Lamp / more than a covering material
Laser cut leather, woven into a lampshade, stuffed with a lightbulb, and here you have it - designer desk lamp.
Neuroknitting: Scarves Made from Brainwave Activity
Visually displaying data can make you warm! IF you knit your brainwaves into a scarf. Just make sure you think something clever. Like whether Schrödinger's cat has fleas or not.
blank Adding wireless charging to any phone
Ever wanted to charge your cell phone without entangling everything in cables? (skip if you already have that). [Daniel] created this economical solution using a few bits found on ebay.

Oh! Also it can't eat chocolate cake. Which we are totally fine with. Because we can take care of it. Ourselves. Not to worry, rain.


June 30, 2006
Oh Canada!

We are closed on Monday, July 3rd in lieu of Canada Day this Saturday (July 1st)! We will be back in business July 4th. Happy Canada Day!

September 14, 2012
New Product. Just One. But Some Other St...

Here's our late and lame Friday post. It features one very lonely, depressed, and forgotten product from a week ago. But it blinks, so it can't be that sad, right? 5V RGB LED LPD8806 Stripxels (32 per meter) $35.00 These are very similar to the WS2801 RGB Stripxel, but feature the LPD8806 controller IC instead. […]

March 22, 2006
More New Gear Motors

Here they come: The GM11a, GM12a, GM13a, GM14a, and the GM18. These motors are very similar to the GM11/12/13/14 series you know and love, but for less money!

March 7, 2013
Thursday Cool Links: Laser Origami, RFID...

Thursday is the new Wednesday, did you know? According to the new bylaw, you might have heard about this one... Okay, to be honest, we are late with the post... But doesn't that make it more exciting?! I bet it does, so here we go, the long-awaited links: Laser Origami We've got lasers. We like […]

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