Community Links, GM18 & GM19 Price Drop

Hi there forks! We hope everyone out there is enjoying their first week of summer. School is wrapping up, the sun is out, and WATCH OUT, A FREAK SNOW STORM! I kid, I kid. But this is Calgary, so you never know.

Over the course of the next summer months we’re aiming to roll out some additional features and content. While most of that is still in the works and I probably shouldn’t be talking about it too much, we have something small to show off. We often get requests from people asking about the best places to find websites devoted to BEAM, resources for DIY projects, or even interesting sites we stumble across in our voyages across the intertubes. And thus we present… Community Links! This new page can be found by clicking on the big ol’ “Resources” button at the top, and then “Community Links” link (…huh?) on the lower left-hand side.  It documents a handful of the neat web pages we frequently visit, as well as connections to our Twitter and YouTube accounts. We hope it’ll help you to discover something new and interesting.GM19

But don’t fear, I wouldn’t leave you without showing some sort of product love and appreciation.  We’ve just marked down both the GM18 and GM19 gearmotors from $19.75 to $15.95. They’ll now save you $3.80, and are at the same price as all our other metal gearmotors too. That about wraps things up – have a great weekend!

Edit: Looks like we just got in a shipment of various PICAXE items. Most notably the Serial Download Cable is now available. Oh, and do you remember the PICAXE 28X1 and 40X1 ICs, and how they were discontinued and dead? Well, now they’re undead. Zombie microcontrollers, if you will. Don’t ask me how or why, but they’re back in stock and can be ordered any time.