Closed May 21, New Product Friday

Here in Canada, we think those plucky British monarchs are pretty swell. So swell that to this day we still celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday every year on the Monday before May 25th. The fact that Queen Victoria died waaaay back in 1901 doesn’t seem to phase us at all. We’re pretty hardcore that way. So to celebrate this unique occasion, we’ll be closed on Monday, May 21. Order processing and shipping will resume again on Tuesday. Also, due some schedule maintenance on their side, our order system will be unable to offer Purolator/courier shipping from 9pm EST on Saturday to approximately 10AM on Sunday.

But before we disappear for a long weekend full of celebrations for long-dead monarchs, we’ll leave you with some new stuffs:

Magnetic Snap 18mm Magnetic Snap 18mm

Magnets. How do they work? We’re going to guess magic. This particular set of magnets are pretty darn strong, are able to rotate freely, and conduct electricity. That’s a pretty darn good kind of magic, if you ask me.
LilyPad LED Micro (5pcs) LilyPad LED Micro (5pcs)
Blinky lights, in all shapes and sizes, are always a good thing to have. These micro LilyPad LEDs cover the tinyend of the size spectrum. Available in white, red, yellow, blue and green.
L6470 Stepper Driver Breakout L6470 Stepper Driver Breakout

The Sparkfun L6470 breakout (a.k.a “dSPIN”) packs a mean punch for it’s size, it’s a 3A, 8-45V bipolar stepper motor driver! It has built-in overcurrent detection, undervoltage detection, overtemperature detection, stall detection, a 5-bit ADC, and a switch input that can be used for either user jog control or as a hard stop function. As if that weren’t enough, it also features microstepping support (up to 128 microsteps per full step) and PWM drive voltage limiting.
LilyPad Simple Power LilyPad Simple Power

The LilyPad Simple Power is a board that lets you connect a battery (or other power source with a 2-pin JST connector) and switch it on or off, that’s it!
Micro JST 2.0 PH 2-Pin Connector Plug w/ Wire Micro JST 2.0 PH 2-Pin Connector Plug w/ Wire

A dramatic tale of two wires. One red. One black. Joined by a single female JST connector. Of destiny.
Mini Micro JST Connector 1.25mm 3-Pin Wired Header w/ Plug Mini Micro JST Connector 1.25mm 3-Pin Wired Header w/ Plug

The really tiny connectors (not to be confused with the just tiny connectors) that are used on many… tiny things. You’ll know them when you see them! This is a full set to wire up a 1.25mm spaced JST connector with wired header.

And with that, we bid you all a fantastic weekend, whether it be of the standard or long variety.