Closed for Thanksgiving (Monday October 13th, 2014)

Being in Canada, October is practically the doorstep of winter. Some places get a full three months of autumn, but for us it’s one big multicolored blur before everything gets covered in white. Sure, that means that winter takes up half the year. But do you know what it also means? Thanksgiving comes almost a month earlier than it does for our Yankee pals to the south.

So how do we express how much it means to us that this holiday comes so soon? We take a day off, of course. That’s right, Solarbotics will be closed on Monday, October 13th, 2014 so that we can celebrate our gratitude for having an early Thanksgiving.

That’s right. This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for Thanksgiving. We’re hoping this will cause a continuous feedback loop of statutory holidays, but we’ll let you know how it goes.