Closed for July 1st & 3rd

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “But you were just closed for, like, a bajillion days for Maker Faire!!” And yes, you’d be right. Except for the bajillion part – that’s just getting carried away.

Solarbotics (and HVW Tech) will be closed tomorrow (July 1st), and Friday (July 3rd). Standard rules apply – you can still place orders, send email, and leave phone messages while we’re closed. Shipping and correspondance will resume on Thursday and then again on Monday.

And what’s the reason for these crazy, crazy schedules? While Canada Day and the annual Cowboy Hick Fest make convenient excuses, the truth is that we’re taking this opportunity to do some major organizing and renovations around the office. We apologize for any immediate inconvenience, but these improvements will benefit everyone in the long run. Just you wait and see – once Monday rolls around, we’ll be a leaner, meaner Oscar Meyar Weiner robot sellin’ machine. In the mean time, we wish all our fellow Cunucks a Happy Canada Day and all our friendly neighbours to the south a fantastic July 4th.