Christmas Specials, new Webmaster, and solarcells back in stock!

HO HO HO ("HACK, cough, cough, sniiiiiffffff – aHEM"). Now that the winter holiday season is upon us (with associated illnesses…), it’s time for us to finally unveil our annual Christmas sale!

This year’s sale includes:

  • SCXMas1 – Solarcell pack (2 each of the SC2422, SC2433, and SC3733) for $21 ($28 CDN)
  • SCXMas2 – Solarcell pack (2 each of the SC2433, SC3733, and SC3766) for $29 ($38 CDN)
  • CPXmas1 – Capacitor pack (2 each of the CP1000, CP3300, and CP4700) for $6 ($9 CDN)
  • CP1.0FTwo Panasonic 1F 2.5V Gold capacitors for $8 ($10.50 CDN)
  • CP0.33FTwo Panasonic 0.33F 2.5V Gold capacitors for $10 ($13 CDN)

We also have blow-out prices on BEAM/WCRG Millennium GamesMemorabilia. Only $5 ($6.50 CDN) for a full colour T-Shirt or Robotgames Rulebook!

Please also be welcoming Eric, our new web-master. He’s a Electronics Engineering student at Devry here in Calgary, with a good head for this web-stuff and databases. With him on board, expect some changes in the next few months.

Sorry for the shortage on the SC2433 solarcells – they’re now back in full stock.