Postal Strike – Important Note for Shipping

Update: Looks like Canada Post is doing a rotating strike, so only one city will be affected at a time. This means that, most likely, orders shipped via postal methods will only be delayed 2-3 days. Purolator and UPS options are not impacted, and have no delays.

Ok class, fictional robotic history refresher course 101: What year was Skynet set to launch a massive nuclear attack against humanity?Answer: 1997.In the alternate, Sarah Conner Chronicles timeline, what year was Skynet set to be activated?

Answer: 2011.

I believe the impeccable logic stands for itself. Postal mail is directly tied to a fictional artificial intelligence that’s destined to destroy the human population. You see, the last time Canada Post went on strike was 1997, and (just as the prophecies have foretold) they are set to strike again this year, even in a few days.  Which will surely bring about the downfall of all humanity. Or just the temporary downfall of some of shipping options. If you still place your order for shipping via postal methods, we’ll hold it until the strike is resolved. We suggest you go with Purolator or UPS for all orders that are even remotely time-sensitive.

We hope both parties will be able to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We mean absolutely no offense to Canada Post workers with our Skynet analogy. Think about it – we’re a robotics company and we’re saying that they’re like awesome robots. That would mean we think they’re totally cool, which is 100% true – we appreciate the work our couriers do for us, and wish them all the best with their efforts.