Bundles o’ Brains

What’s worse than having to wait nine months? Having to wait a year and nine months. That’s where we’re finding ourselves, with Beakerhead here in Calgary aiming to land in September of 2013. Luckily, though, this festival of art fused with technology (think MakerFaire) will have a few smaller events between now and then. We can’t wait. In the mean time, we’ll keep busy bringing you more great electronics stuff.

Ardweeny Bundles – Save 7-18%
Oh, the Ardweeny. Such a useful and compact Arduino solution. But sometimes it gets lonely being so tiny and so awesome. We’ve whipped up some bundles that’ll set you up with some of the more common and helpful items at a bit of a discount to top things off.

Ardweeny Project PackProject Pack$29.95

Prototype Pack$29.95

Single Pack + FTDI$22.95

Triple Pack + FTDI$39.95

Brutusbot Electronics BundleBrutusBot Brains Bundle$59.95
By now, you’re probably pretty familiar with the BrutusBot. It’s a fairly capable tank platform that can stand up to all kinds of abuse. The problem is that it only comes with the basic mechanical parts, and if you’re not quite sure what you want do, it can be pretty intimidating to figure out what you need on your own. That’s where the Brain Bundle comes in – we’ll give you 10% off on a Freeduino, motor shield, sensor, and some other parts that’ll help you get going

20 Second Sound ModuleSound Module$6.95
Fun fact: You (yes, you) have a wonderful voice. The world should hear it. And in order to do that, you obviously need this exact module that will record 20 seconds of sound before playing it back. Just add a 3-cell battery pack to start the crazy fun of recording and playing back all your own sounds. The recommended supply is 4.5VDC, but we found that it operates down to voltages of 2.25VDC, so you could also use a 2-cell battery pack if you’d like.

Random Bits n’ Stuff
Winter seems to be marching relentlessly on, and the temperatures are getting lower. We’ve even seen some funny white stuff falling from the sky. Our best guess is that someone flying a plane is having a really good time with confetti. Confetti painstakingly made of ice.

Solar Cell BundleSolar Cell Bundle4 for $29.95 (21% off)
As the days get shorter and darker, you’ll want to capture as much sunlight as possible while you can and store it for future use. To help you in this noble effort we’ve put together a simple bundle that’ll get you four compact and high-performance solar cells (two of each the SCC3733 and SCC3766).

3.6V / 170mA Pyramid Rechargeable BatteryRechargeable Battery
4 for $1.00 (50% off)
…and where will you store the captured power of the sun? In a battery. A small one, and a rechargeable 3.6V / 170mA Ni-Cad one at that. This unit contains three cells in a pyramid connection and comes with handy wiring. Great for those applications between medium and small.

Metal Cassette Mechanism #2Metal Cassette Mechanism #2$4.95 (17% off)
…and what do you use the captured power of the sun for? Running your very own cassette-based answering machine, of course. Or you could take this unit apart, using the two motors, load of gears, wires and rollers to make a creation of your very own. Pure DIY hacking heaven.

Well, we’ve sucessfully passed by one more week until Beakerhead. Which leaves us… Around 90 weeks to wonder what the heck they were thinking when they came up with the name. Until then, though, we’ll be keeping an eye on their Twitter account and reading up to see what’s to come.