Bulbdial on Steroids – the Chinook ShadowClock!

We’ve been working with the Chinook Mall since they did a retrofit a decade ago, where they really amped up the mall, making it the keynote shopping centre of Calgary. One of their features is the “Time Capsule Clock”, which sits in the floor of the center court, where a 1000 year time capsule waits under a clock.

Time passes fine for the capsule, but time did not treat the clock too well at all. Since clocks are generally supposed to be wall-mounted affairs, the constant beating it took from floor cleaners and pedestrians finally make it die an early death. We were called in periodically to repair the clock hands and reset the time until they finally gave us the go-ahead to design them a replacement. A much better engineered replacement – a ShadowClock!

Inspired by the sheer sleekness and appeal of the Evil Mad Scientist’s Bulbdial, we adapted the idea to a larger scale, with 2.5X the LEDs. We finally installed the project last Monday, and just finished putting up a Flickr roll detailing the project.

Want one of your own? Sorry – we only have the backup unit left for our own nefarious purposes, but we’re working on a kit!