BrutusBot, Peggy Sale, Closed Oct 10th

Hello, everyone!

And without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, we present: THE BRUTUSBOT.


/cue the fanfare of one thousand trumpets, a legion of marching drummers, seven tubas, and some guy named Donald busting out a wicked solo on a mandolin

“Hark! What is this overwhelming contraption of might and thunderous presence?!”, you must be proclaiming unto the heavens.  Well, this is our solution for filling the hole in our hearts that Tamiya left when they stopped producing their mega-awesome Bulldozer kit. We’ve taken an aluminum chassis and combined it with their gearboxes and tread kit to make the next best thing. It’s tough, it’s capable, and best of all, it’s flexible. And not flexible as in it’s made of rubber or anything (something tells us that a contingent of bouncy/floppy tanks wouldn’t work too well in the heat of battle), but flexible as in it’s designed to be compatible with whatever microcontroller platform you feel like strapping to it. Arduino/Freeduino, PICAXE, EZ-B… It’s your call. A non-denominational tank platform, if you will. The kit is currently thiiiiiiis close to being done. It’s available for preorder now (at $52), and we expect to start shipping them in a week or so, closer to the middle of the month.

Peggy 2 Awesomeness Bundle - Blue But what if, like the entirety of the human population, you’re stricken with a fascination of blinky things? You’re in luck.  This week we’ve added the Peggy displays to our Clearance sales:

We should let you know, though, that up here in Canadaland we’re coming up on Thanksgiving. That time of the year where we’re thankful. For giving. What should we be thankful for and who is giving us what, exactly? None of us really know. But it’s our patriotic duty to be thankful, and we do that by taking the day off. It’s the best, sure-fire way to show appreciation for anything, usable in absolutely any remotely-relevant circumstance. Anyways, it looks like it’s our chance to be thankful this upcoming week, so we’ll be closed for Thanksgiving on Monday, October the 10th. Because our website is incapable of expressing gratitude (or any other form of autonomous thought, for that matter) it won’t be taking the day off. So submit orders, send emails, etc etc. We’ll get back to you on Tuesday the 11th as we resume business as usual after returning from our Gratitude-Give-a-Thon 500.

In the mean time, we hope you all have a wonderful weekend (whether it be of the Long or Standard-Issue variety) . Remember, folks, if you’re working on making anything interesting, let us know. We’d love to show it to the world.