BeetleBot for Sale!

Dave Hrynkiw
June 3, 2010

BeetleBotWell forks, it's been a long time coming, but it's here at last. THE BEETLEBOT!
<cue the massive applause>

What's so fantastic about it? Well for the first time ever we've released a completely soldering-free kit.  This kit is assembled solely with screws - there's no need for snips, pliers, or a bajillion other specific tools. Instead, you just need a small Philips screwdriver. Which we even include, by the way. Our goal with this kit was to open up a new generation and audience to robotics - any kid that can turn a screwdriver clockwise is qualified to build a robot. And we're talking about a proper robot, too. Do you remember this popular project that was also featured in Make Magazine? It's the same this, just a lot prettier and without the soldering.


It has two tactile/touch sensors that provide basic obstacle navigation capabilities. At its heart, it's a reaction bot - running around the environment and bouncing off of objects, traveling away in a different direction.

...well, what are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself! Right now it has a special introductory price of $34.95 - get it while it lasts!

Oh, did we mention that it comes in both good and evil themes, with stickers in four different colours? And everybody likes stickers!


July 12, 2007
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