Battery Holder, Freeduino Bundles

Dave Hrynkiw
August 7, 2009

Today I have something truly fantasmic to show you. If you have something in your mouth, you should swallow now. If you're standing, sit down. If you're in your car, buckle up. If your mouth is full while you're standing up in your car and browsing the internet to read this... I just hope the car isn't moving. If it is, GET OFF THE ROAD ALREADY.Battery Holder with Leads

But to the point - today we have a new item to show off. An amazing item. Are you ready? It's... A THREE-CELL AA BATTERY HOLDER! (For those of you who didn't heed my advice, you've now choked, fallen down, and crashed your car. Bravo.) "But wait!" you exclaim, "Don't you already have one of those?" Yes, yes we do. But the new one... Has leads. One-hundred-and-fifty long millimeters of wire to deliver the full 3.6V - 4.5V  of unadulterated energy from your three AA powerhouse batteries. It's nothing short of incredible, I know.

Ultimate Freeduino BundleOk fine, maybe that didn't live up to the hype but we do have one last thing to show you. For those of you who have always wanted to jump into this cool Arduino-thing you keep hearing about, but aren't sure exactly what you're doing or what you'll need... We have just the solution for you. We're glad to show off our new Basic Starter Bundle and Ultimate Starter Bundle. Both include the popular Freeduino SB, a breadboard, wiring kit, and the Getting Started with Arduino book. There are a few differences between the two (like how the Ultimate Bundle has a handful of small components), so be sure to check them out to find the best fit. These bundles are less expensive than buying the parts individually, and are great for those of you looking to score a good deal. Enjoy!


September 21, 2016
Golem at Calgary Comic Expo

Solarbotics has worked on a good many interesting costuming projects, but few have been as unique as Shannon Chappell's Rock Golem. Shannon did a fabulous job repurposing electronics for the Golem, and if you're trying to do the same, be ready for some major dumpster-diving. Alternately, since we first worked on the Golem, we've been […]

February 19, 2020
And then there was HEAT SHRINK. And Encl...

We're adding more and more from our Active Tech Calgary store lineup to our website. This week, NTE's line of head-shrink tubing, and Hammond Enclosures. This reflects what we have presently on hand in the store, which we're now able to bring to you via the website! We realize that with the new dataload our […]

January 11, 2017
Heated Car Seat Teardown and Repair

Here's a little makeover of an inexpensive aftermarket car seat heating pad that stopped working. Designed to activate and warm up when sat upon, the electronics face a fair amount of abuse: since the seat is a soft frame, the wires inside constantly move and flex with the body. They are also subject to harsh […]

February 15, 2011
Ex-Interns and their projects...

Jerome Demers, our ex-intern of two seasons, just sent me a link to one of his latest projects. The (sigh...) "Fart-o-Meter". He even put it up on Instructables too. Good to see the experience he got at Solarbotics is being put to good use...

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