B.I.O.Bug Contest coming to a close…

We’re drawing to a close of the Mark Tilden/Solarbotics B.I.O.Bug contest. Due to close March 4 (the Monday after the weekend), this event is to see who can perform the best hack/reverse engineer on a Hasbro/Wowwee B.I.O.Bug. Two lucky winners get a full Quad of BIOBugs (one of each type) from Mr. Tilden, and if your modification utilizes one of our own "BEP" Bicore Experimenter’s PCBs, we’ll kick in a $200 gift certificate!

To inspire you, we’ve been busy adding new hacks and links to other hacks on Solarbotics.net. Included on the new hack list is our own attempt (no, we’re not entered in the competition…); adding a waist motor to a BIOBug. Check it out!

If your hack isn’t listed on the bottom of that page, let us know ASAP – only pages listed there will be included in the judging by Mark Tilden!