Attention Solarbotics Customers:

For those who have used or are planning on using our Express (1-2 business day) shipping option to the United States:

In recent years, Purolator, the Canadian shipping company who handles the Express shipments, had all parcels destined for the United States delivered by Airborne Express. This past year, Airborne Express was purchased by DHL. DHL is currently in the middle of amalgamating several DHL and Airborne Express freight sorting hubs into one combined system.

While many Solarbotics orders are being process and delivered on time, unfortunatley we have been seeing some delays due to this action. We would like to assure all of our customers that we are working directly with the shipping company to ensure a timely delivery of all orders. Although not responsible for this delay, Solarbotics Ltd would like to apologize for all customers affected.

For anyone who has an order which has been delayed or is thinking of shipping using this method, please contact our office using the toll free line, 1-866-276-2687, to ask any questions.