Arduino Parts and Other Things, Too

16MHz CrystalRemember the other week when we mentioned how the Arduino Parts category was looking rather thin? Well, we’ve gone ahead and fattened it up a bit with the following new items:

You might be wondering what the heck does a power jack have to do with Arduino? Well, that’s actually the same unit we use to deliver power to the Freeduino SB. Transparent BreadboardSo if you have the burning desire to make any modifications or need such a jack for making your own Arduino design you’ll know where to look.

Hey, check it out – there’s a Round II of the weekly New Product Showdown! Ding ding!

That’s right, it may be the end of summer and it’s rapidly getting colder and darker but WE’VE GOT A NEW SOLAR CELL! It’s a pretty small unit too, great for compact projects. Like powering a certain red LED to light-up a transparent breadboard. Ok, that might be pushing it. And yet a lit up breadboard sure would look sexy…