Free Mark Tilden Lecture at UWO

Remember that time when I was all like “This is totally the last post for the summer”? Well, I was just foolin’. Oh, those whimsical summer musings. No, instead we have another post for you. Today. Right now, in fact. This very post, even. It’ll go something like this:

Are near to London, Ontario? Do you like robots? Do you have some free time on September the 7th at 7:30? Can you get to the University of Western Ontario? Are you a fan of Mark Tilden?  Are you Mark Tilden?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above (except the last question), you may like to know that Mr. Tilden himself, the creator of BEAM robotics and best pal of Solarbotics, will be giving a free lecture on “his unique approach to building over 20 million Biomorphic robots, and stories from a decade overseas marketing them to the world.” We even have this fancy-dancy poster graphic to convince you to go check it out:

Tilden Talk, Sept 7, UWO

We really encourage you to go see it out if you have the opportunity.  Tilden is a great guy with a wide range of experience and expertise – the lecture will be well worth your time, especially if you appreciate electronics and technology.