Good Friday & Canada Post

This is a quick note to let all our customers know that Canada Post will not be shipping on Monday. And we are closed tomorrow March 30th for Good Friday!  

Grove Smart Plant Kit Demo

Grove Plant Care Kit is a smart automated solution for making sure the plant stays alive and well. The electronics monitor 4 different parameters necessary for the plant being happy and healthy: humidity, temperature, UV levels, and soil moisture.

From these variables it creates a watering schedule that will keep the plant at its optimal soil moisture levels. It will provide warnings on its display when UV levels are too high or when temperature is out of bounds between it’s cold and hot set points. With its built in pump and flow sensor, it can water the plant autonomously down to the milliliter.

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Painted GraviTrack

We always enjoy seeing our products being modified, revamped and DIY-ed, as well as the results of these transformations. Our customer Vera Kark provided us with some thoughtful feedback on adding mechanical tweaks to improve our Solar GraviTrack build and documentation. She also painted the … Read more…

Product Feature: Bare Conductive Projects

We are always on the search of cool technology, so when we came across Bare Conductive, we thought: pizza! what a great find! Bare Conductive is a design and technology company from the UK that makes sensing tools for engineers, … Read more…