The Solarbotics Comic Expos Best Projects Recap

Solarbotics has been a regular at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo for quite a few years now. Throughout the years we’ve shown off multiple projects that we created ourselves and in collaboration with some brilliant costume and prop designers. Here is a recap of the most impressive projects.

We are always happy to assist people doing something outstandingly elaborate, especially with the use of our parts. That is how we found out about the Iron Man by Phillip Vatour, which was featured at the Comic Expo 2016. It instantly became a center point for photo ops and tech related conversations.

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Web Links Tuesday

Magnetic storage reaches the atomic level The magnetic field of a single atom is read and written, but it’s not very stable (Via ArsTechnica) Magnificent Cardboard Airships by Jeroen van Kesteren Beautifully crafted and intricate fantastic ships made of cardboard … Read more…

New Product: Video Adapter, Relay Board & Charger

Adafruit USB LiIon/LiPoly charger – v1.2 CAD 16.50 / USD 12.50 Add a high-capacity rechargeable power supply to your project easily! HDMI Male to VGA With Audio HD Video Adapter CAD 21.50 / USD 15.99 Ever wanted to add HDMI … Read more…

Tech Tip: Micro Terminal Blocks

We use many, many devices with 0.1″ spaced holes, which are pretty much an electronics design standard. We’re finding these 0.1″ space terminal blocks incredibly useful for making solid, secure, yet serviceable connections to the rest of our designs. We’ll … Read more…