Solarbotics Kits on Instructables

Instructables is an ever-expanding documentation platform for sharing DIY projects of all kinds, from pancakes to electronics to making anything fly. Since 2005 when it became what it is now, Instructables grew from hundreds to more than a hundred thousand … Read more…

Web Links Thursday

Glorious MIDI unicorn It looks good and it sounds good – a challenging project by musician Andrew Huang. (Via LaughingSquid) Color changing hair dye Thermochromic hair color, apparently safe and non-permanent, soon as a commercial product. (Via ZMEScience) Dazzling canopy … Read more…

Solarbotics at the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention

Solarbotics will be at the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention Thursday & Friday, February 16 and 17, 2017. We will demo a variety of educational kits for teachers to use in classrooms, including introductory kits to develop skills in programming, mechanical construction, and soldering.

Come put a face to the name at booth 727 at Calgary Telus Convention Centre North Building and find out how we can help you teach STEM in your classroom.

Here is what we are going to feature at the Convention:

Grove Education Pack – Expanded Lab Bundle
The Solarbotics Grove Education Pack is a complete bundle to teach a basic course in electronics and programming.
(see the earlier blog post for more details)
Mirobot – The WiFi Drawing Robot Kit
Mirobot is a WiFi drawing robot that’s easy to build and use.

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New Product: Scribbler, Grove & Buck Module

Grove – Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino CAD 85.28 / USD 59.90 A functional kit that helps monitor the environment and care for plant growth! 200W Buck Module CAD 22.00 / USD 16.90 When mini buck converters just won’t … Read more…

Web Links Friday

A Batman Jacket Made With 10,000 Lego Bricks Lego and Batman rolled in one? Geek factor level 80. (Via Japanese Scientists Artificially Pollinate Flowers with a Bee drone Lookit this electric thing smacking the poor lily up the face! … Read more…