Motors Are Back!

Just a quick note to announce that we have GM3 and GM9 motors back in stock, which means that Yellow Drum Machine Bundle and Let’s Make Robots Start Here Kit are both available again.

Wednesday Links: Sorting Algorithms, Walker Beests and BEAM

Finally, the freezing temperatures are somewhat over, and the outside seems almost livable, as opposed to run-for-your-life-or-else-you-freeze-able. Our links also, no matter the season, stay well-selected and non life-threatening. Photosynthesis-based Table Table that harvests energy of the sun by Dutch … Read more…

MakeFashion 2014: Inputs and Outcomes

So what happens when Solarbotics meets up with a local fashion duo just 4 weeks before a techno fashion show? Some insanity. Some long hours. Lots of fun. Solarbotics helped several designers prepare for the MakeFashion Gala 2014, but there were a few we really worked closely on for the event.

Pumping Fashion Lit by Dee Fontans, Eric Willis and Maya Lewandowsky deserves a separate post because we spent many hours on construction and fine-tuning of this costume, and know it inside out.

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Project Monday: Laser Monitoring with Synapse

I’m Dilan, a relatively new hire here at Solarbotics, and I am in charge of product development and R&D support. I’ve got tons of experience with many things, and have seen Arduino as a staple in many projects here at Solarbotics. With its ease of use, powerful programming language, and vast online community, it has been the go-to platform whenever a quick solution is needed. But when I needed some wireless communication, I’d choose a system like Xbee/Zigbee or even simple 433MHz modules, where the communication interface was still treated as a dumb serial link between the two systems. With Solarbotics’ use of Synapse, I needed to project to get to know a more advanced wireless system.

Solarbotics has been playing with Synapse SNAP modules, and have featured these modules in various projects in the past, like our our wireless Brutusbot and with a tutorial on how to get started with Synapse. This system has potential, and it was time to bend it to my will!

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MakeFashion 2014

Just a quick note to say that we have survived MakeFashion, with (hopefully) positive outcomes, and if you haven’t attended, the highlights of the show are available on our Flickr photostream.