Dave Hylands is only a marginal friend of Solarbotics

Although he has purchased from us, and used our products (the “Secret Motor Driver”) in his prize-winning minisumo “Stinger”, we, as Solarbotics officially declare Mr. Hylands only “marginal” friend. You see, Solarbotics sent a few of our robots to the … Read more…

Solarbotics at the MAKEr Faire!

We’re gonna be at the MAKEr Faire this May! Come by our booth where we’ll be populating our MSE-style solar cells and attaching them to junk salvaged from Michael Shiloh’s Play Day Area!

Closin’ for Easter

It’s Easter Break, and we at Solarbotics are shuttin’ down for the weekend as of Thursday. See you Monday Morning!

2006 Maker Faire

All your text are belong to us.

Yaaaarrr! Solarbotics successfully boards HVWTech!

Ummm, yup! Here’s an April Fool’s joke for you – that April Fool’s wasn’t a joke! Solarbotics has indeed taken over the operations of HVWTech.com! The owner of HVWTech has new priorities in his life (about 1 year old, drooling, … Read more…

Solarbotics boards HVWTech!

Yes, it’s true. After years of working our fingers to the bone inserting jumper wires on breadboards to make unusually robust controllers for robots out of discrete & logic chip elements, Solarbotics has seen the light! We’ve put on our … Read more…