New Book – Robot Sumo!

Here’s another book we quite enjoyed and recommend adding to your bookshelf – Robot Sumo! Check it out in the "New Items" or "Books" Section.

More new stuff?

What’s going on here? We haven’t had this much new product come online so quickly since… since… well, let’s just say "in quite a while!" Here’s a book to add to your bookshelf: "Building Robot Drive Trains" by Clark & … Read more…

Small batteries!

We’ve come across a variety of small batteries that are splendid for the small types of robots we’re used to building! A variety of 3.6V and 4.8V packs ranging from 50mA to 300mA capacity means we have something ideal for … Read more…

Christmas Specials back online

Well, you know that it’s getting close to Christmas when we put our solar cell pack 1, pack 2, and capacitor Christmas specials online!

Sumobot Circuits

We’ve been having fun playing with the L293D driver chip. It’s one of those things to see how much you can make it do by itself (like with any BEAM application!). Grant McKee has been experimenting with some simple additions … Read more…

New Product!

We’ve been shopping again, but the accountant won’t let us hoard all the goodies for ourselves. SOOO, we’re announcing the following goodies! RBFB: The Book "Robot Building for Beginners" by David Cook, which is an excellent reference for a newcomer … Read more…

Junkbots book review

We’re happy to say that our new book is being pretty well received! Check out this review at!