2002 LANL Workshop in the works…

Word from up the pipe at the Los Alamos National Laboratories is that the 10th Annual BEAM workshop is slated to happen May 2-4, 2002 at the Betty Ehart Center in Los Alamos, New Mexico (same place as the 1999 workshop).

Thanks to Joe Vigil (of LANL) who spearheaded the initiative after Paul Argo (the previous organizer) left for other opportunities. This is doubly-impressive, as Mark Tilden (who no longer is at LANL) is still willing to drop by and give a lecture.

So those are the tentative details. Solarbotics will be arranging the registrations for the event, so we we’ll be posting a link to a registration database soon. Don’t bother asking for more information – this is all we know at the moment. We’ll post updates as we get them, and will have the link up for registrations in another day or so.