BIOBug / BEP Contest

Dave Hrynkiw
December 3, 2001

Think you're good at modifying toys? Got a toaster with legs? A cat with wheels? A self-pruning Chia-Pet? Well, do we have a contest for YOU:

Mark Tilden has confirmed with us that he's willing to donate two complete sets of Wowwee/Hasbro BIOBugs (4, one of each type) to the top two hacks/modifications to be published to the Internet. Mark had a heavy hand in designing the BIOBugs, and intentionally made them very receptive to custom modifications. What does that mean? YOU decide.

Given that Mark is an aficionado of truly bizarre/innovative devices and hacks, I suggest you DO NOT limit yourself to just serious technical hacks. Amusement and twisted humour counts too! Or, go the other way, and try for serious technical hacks. Figure out the I/O pins; interface a secondary processor, add additional functionality.

Existing hacks recently witnessed thus far include:

  • A general BIOBug vivisection
  • Adding a waist motor to a Predator
  • Adding a "flapping wing shell" to a Blue bug when it's agitated (in fight mode)
  • Stilt legs on a yellow bug

Get your BIOBug, hack it by February 28th, 2002 (gives you plenty of time after getting one from the dog as a Christmas Gift), email us your URL with the hack, and we'll see how it goes!

What's this got to do with Solarbotics & the BEP? Simple. If you use any of the BEP modules in your hack, and it wins (judged by Mr. Tilden), we'll give you a $200 credit for anything at Solarbotics.

Questions? None? Good. Get to work!


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