Battery Holder, Freeduino Bundles

Dave Hrynkiw
August 7, 2009

Today I have something truly fantasmic to show you. If you have something in your mouth, you should swallow now. If you're standing, sit down. If you're in your car, buckle up. If your mouth is full while you're standing up in your car and browsing the internet to read this... I just hope the car isn't moving. If it is, GET OFF THE ROAD ALREADY.Battery Holder with Leads

But to the point - today we have a new item to show off. An amazing item. Are you ready? It's... A THREE-CELL AA BATTERY HOLDER! (For those of you who didn't heed my advice, you've now choked, fallen down, and crashed your car. Bravo.) "But wait!" you exclaim, "Don't you already have one of those?" Yes, yes we do. But the new one... Has leads. One-hundred-and-fifty long millimeters of wire to deliver the full 3.6V - 4.5V  of unadulterated energy from your three AA powerhouse batteries. It's nothing short of incredible, I know.

Ultimate Freeduino BundleOk fine, maybe that didn't live up to the hype but we do have one last thing to show you. For those of you who have always wanted to jump into this cool Arduino-thing you keep hearing about, but aren't sure exactly what you're doing or what you'll need... We have just the solution for you. We're glad to show off our new Basic Starter Bundle and Ultimate Starter Bundle. Both include the popular Freeduino SB, a breadboard, wiring kit, and the Getting Started with Arduino book. There are a few differences between the two (like how the Ultimate Bundle has a handful of small components), so be sure to check them out to find the best fit. These bundles are less expensive than buying the parts individually, and are great for those of you looking to score a good deal. Enjoy!


January 8, 2016
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October 14, 2014
Paypal Issues

PayPal payments are working again, thank you for your patience. We're currently aware of an issue regarding PayPal and are working to correct the problem. If you have attempted to place an order via PayPal, nothing has been preauthorized or charged to your account. If you need to place an order, please email sales via […]

December 20, 2004
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April 11, 2001
Catalog Requests

Due to the mail system of our host we have not received catalog requests for close to a month. If you have sent us a catalog request we are very sorry for this inconveniance and would like to send you one now. All previous and new requests can be resent through our NEW request system […]

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