Dave Hrynkiw
September 18, 2006

Tis the official “Talk Like a Pirate Day” this fine Septembarrrr the 19th. For all ye landlubberrrrs, that’s this Tuesday September the 19th. If ye be an unbeliever, check out the official site here.

In celebrrration of this fine tradition, we be offerrring a special deal. Everyone knows that every good Pirate needs a swashbucklin-Solarrrr-Speederrrr at their side. Sort of alike a first mate, only small, and solarrrr powered. Also, if ye have not noticed, the new PCBs are black and like a dubloon! Yeargh...

Anyone who calls the Solarrrbotics office and places an orrrder for a Solarrrr Speederrr will be given 15% discount off the cost of the kit...with one small provision.

Ye must talk like a Pirate! You saavy? Allrighty then, a quick the office (toll free line 1-866-276-2687) and talk like a pirate and ye be the lucky winner of 15% off yerrr Solarrr Speederrr kit.

Do ye dare?


August 16, 2005
So long, and thanks for all the fish!

And so closes a great 5 year run, my thanks goes to Dave & Cheryl for all they have provided, to our interesting customers and the friends I have made along the way. I do plan on remaining quite active in the robotics field and attend what competitions and events I can. If you have […]

August 27, 2012
The Solarbotics Web Team Needs Beta Test...

We've got a shiny new revision of our website on the horizon, and we want to hear from you, our finest scallywags and loyal customers. So before all the new bits go live, we're planning to do a closed beta test running the span of September. We're looking for 20-30 testers to help us run […]

April 29, 2003
New Gearmotors!

We're very excited to announce these new "baby" versions of the popular GM2 and GM3 gearmotors. These junior versions offer a 120:1 gear reduction ratio, built-in safety clutch, and 146rpm with 20in*oz torque at 5V drawing onlyh 90mA (620mA at stall). Take a look at them in the motors section of our website! The new […]

July 26, 2005
BIG Solar cars in Calgary tomorrow!

The America Solar Challenge finishes here in Calgary tomorrow (July 27) betweein 11 and 3:30pm! The teams are coming up over McKnight Blvd., which isn't far from our offices. We'll be out watching them go by for a few hours tomorrow, so if the phones don't get answered for a bit, you'll know why. Go […]

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