Photo of Dave Hrynkiw

About Solarbotics (A letter from Dave Hrynkiw, Founder & President):


When I first discovered BEAM technology in 1992, I knew that it was pretty unique. Turning basic and often weird parts into something autonomous and self-sustaining was a novel experience, and I dove deep into it. Eventually, people wanted to learn what I knew, and needed parts I had managed to locate, so in 1994 I created this little business originally to help people build solar-powered robots.

Since then, we’ve grown into a mature hobby robotics and electronics company, including acquiring another local company HVW Technologies. HVW-Tech specialized in microcontroller & embedded systems (think Parallax, Atmel, and Microchip PIC products) and making a products to assist with microcontroller programming. With all this, we have a lot to offer to anybody with a soldering iron!

Solarbotics kits are available for any skill level, including solder-free plug-together versions of our more popular soldering kits. We take pains to make our documentation clear and easy-to-read, and we offer a 100% satisfaction “no-fear” guarantee that covers practically any failure you may have in building a kit (yes, including losing a part).

As of 2017, Solarbotics acquired the local branch of Active-Tech Electronics, a long-established electronics reseller in Canada. We’ve been steadily rolling the inventory into our own website, and merging our inventories at our retail location upstairs from our warehouse here in Calgary. This has really rounded out what we can offer an electronics technician or hobbiest, so please come by and see our floor-to-ceiling display racks!

Solarbotics has been operating for more than 28 years focused on BEAM robotics and bringing electronics know-how to Western Canada and expect to continue doing so for the foreseeable future!

Dave Hrynkiw