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When I first discovered BEAM technology in 1992, I knew that it was cool. Turning basic parts into something totally different was very cool, and I dove deep into it. Eventually, people wanted to learn what I knew, and needed parts I had managed to locate, and in 1994 I was brought kicking and screaming into the world of small business as Solarbotics Ltd.

Since then, we've grown into a mature hobby robotics and electronics company, including purchasing HVW Technologies which was a company specializing in microcontroller & embedded systems (think Parallax, Atmel, and Microchip PIC products) and making their product line part of our own. And again we acquired the local branch of another company, Active-Tech Electronics, which specializes in even more equipment and more industrial electronic goods. This was coming back to the beginning for me, as my electronics path started with many visits to this very store many years earlier.

Solarbotics has kits for any skill level, as long as you're not scared of a soldering iron (which we can teach you to use)! Nobody does documentation better which means you won't be left wondering how to put these parts together, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you have no risk of failure.

We also stock unique parts for robot builders, so if you need gear motors, solar cells, or just simple parts that you need to know will work, check us out. We stand 100% behind everything we sell.

Solarbotics has been operating for more than 25 years, bringing electronics know-how and supplies to both the electronics professional and hobbyist. We'll be happy to help you too!

Dave Hrynkiw