Web Links Friday


A Batman Jacket Made With 10,000 Lego Bricks

Lego and Batman rolled in one? Geek factor level 80. (Via Fashionablygeek.com)

Japanese Scientists Artificially Pollinate Flowers with a Bee drone
Lookit this electric thing smacking the poor lily up the face! Bees are much more gentle. Save the bees. Technology is cool, but bees are better. (Via Designboom)
App note: Choose the right voltage regulator to extend battery life in wearables
This one is a handy link for DIY folks who actually hack their wearables – hope that it’s useful. (Via Dangerousprototypes)

DC robot overlords? No, they’re just making deliveries
An alternative to flying delivery drones. (Via Arstechnica)

Grafiky labs’ AIR-INK recycles pollution into dense black ink
Making a beautiful drawing (hopefully) and an environmental statement. Ink by MIT lab media graduate.(Via Designboom)