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November 22, 2017

Something Old, Something New, Something... something... Solarbotics!(Happy Turkey Day!)

Solarbotics Herbie the Mousebot v2 Kit

No turkey here; just a fast robot mouse. Medium soldering skill necessary to build this flashlight-chasing mousebot.

$40.00USD / $52.00CAD
25% OFF: $30.00USD / $39.00CAD

Solarbotics Turbot Tumbling Robot Kit

This medium-complexity retro BEAM Robotics light-seeking tumbling robot is back for a limited time!

$59.95USD / $77.94CAD
25% OFF:
 $40.00USD / $52.00CAD

Solarbotics Sumovore Mini-Sumo Kit

For the original "robot fighting competition", the Sumovore kit robot kit. Recommended for competent solderers only.

$98.50USD / $128.05CAD
25% OFF: $74.00USD / $96.20CAD

Solarbotics SolarSpeeder v2.0 Kit

A Tesla may be electric, but does it carry it's own solar cell? This one does, and offers high speed bursts of solar-powered movement in the palm of your hand.

Good beginner kit for learning basics of mechanical assembly and soldering.

$27.50USD / $35.75
25% OFF:
 $20.50USD / $26.65CAD

Solarbotics Photopopper Photovore V5.0 Kit

Slightly more advanced than the SolarSpeeder is this robot kit. Solar-powered, light-seeking, obstacle-avoiding robots are still something you don't see everyday (but should!).

$35.95USD / $46.74CAD
25% OFF:
 $27.00USD / $35.10CAD

Junkbots, Bugbots, and Bots on Wheels Book

We wrote the book on... this book. Actually, Solarbotics' founder Dave Hrynkiw did write this guide to building simple, effective robots and gadgets out of techno-recycling. Get it dedicated & signed on request too!

$24.99USD / $32.49CAD
5% OFF: $23.75USD / $30.88CAD

Ultimate BrutusBot Bundle

Created for workshops, this bundle of parts lets you create your own Arduino-based carpet-crawler with swivelling optical distance sensor feedback.

Recommended for advanced builders.

$119.00USD / $154.70CAD
10% OFF:
 $107.00USD / $139.10

Solarbotics CMDR (Compact Motor Driver Robot) Shield Kit

Stick a powerful Motor / Servo breakout board onto your Arduino-compatible.

$28.95USD / $37.64CAD
25% OFF: $21.75USD / $ 28.28

Solarbotics L298 Compact Motor Driver Kit

All those L298 Motor breakout boards? Yeah, they're based on this - the original Compact Motor Driver. Ideal for driving up to 2 beefy motors for your electronics project.

$17.95USD / $23.34CAD
25% OFF:
 $13.50USD / $ 17.55

SB-Freeduino Semi-Kit

Solarbotics' Freeduino was one of the first Arduino-compatible semi-kits on the market. We've done the SMD soldering, you get to solder on the big parts.

$26.00USD / $33.80CAD
25% OFF: $19.95USD / $ 25.94

Parallax Scribbler Robot V3

This complete robot is out-of-the-box ready to go. Parallax makes robot experimentation a quick and easy plug-in-and-go experience with wonderful documentation. Great beginner gift.

$179.00USD / $232.70CAD
25% OFF: $152.00USD / $ 197.60

BoE-Bot Robot Kit (USB)

$179.00USD / $232.70CAD
20% OFF: $143.20USD / $ 186.16

In Calgary? Come visit our new retail location for more deals:

MiP Robotic Platform
SKU 173814
2-wheeled balancing robotics with smartphone connectivity and gesture recognition, on a very hackable platform.$182.00
25% OFF:
SparkFun WeevilEye - Beginner Soldering Kit
SKU 174800
Weevil's in your stocking? Eh, why not? Usually just coal in there anyways...$14.60
25% OFF:
  Micro Gripper Kit A - Straight Mount
SKU 174804
How else would you handle fruitcake? A fork?! BAH!$12.20
25% OFF:
  Ardumoto - Motor Driver Shield
SKU 187415
Quick and easy motor driving for your Arduino-compatible.$40.80
25% OFF:
  Solar Gearbox Kit - Six-Leg Walking Type
SKU 195213
Labeling it "solar" means it uses an efficient, low-power motor to drive the gearing. An excellent hacking platform.$19.80
25% OFF: $14.85CAD
  Amphibious Solar Vehicle Kit
SKU 172628
Ideal for a day at the beach. Or on a Calgary wet and melty winter day...$55.00
25% OFF:
  Quick Starter Kit for Pi 2
SKU 173733
Get a Raspberry Pi 2 in the drawer you want to put to work? Here's the case, power, 8GB Noobs, and all the cabling you'll need to get it going.$64.95
23% OFF: $49.95CAD
Robotic Beetle with Controller Kit
SKU 170186
Black & yellow on a beetle is a warning. Imagine what it means on a robot beetle...$79.60
25% OFF: $60.00CAD


November 21, 2016
Expo Holiday Market snapshot

Although Calgary Expo Holiday Market that took place over this weekend was not exactly costume-abundant, it was nice to see the finished costume Solarbotics helped to bling up with our SuperFlex LED strings: Analeigh Cosplay's Who of Whoville!

December 23, 2008
'Twas the night before Christmas...

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the shop Not a creation was stirring (except the Turbot!). All robots had been packed and shipped with care, With hope, to their destination, they soon would be there. The bosses and staff were heading home straight To settle down to gift wrapping, probably 'til late. When out […]

June 19, 2003
GM5a's sold out!

Gahh! Man, are these Escap motors popular! We're already sold out of these high gear-reduction versions. We'll have to see what we can do to get more online soon...

July 7, 2016
New Product: Thymio Robot and ESP01

Thymio II Educational Robot $182.25 The Thymio 2 is a fully-functional robot out-of-the-box, with a excellent pedigree. Thymio II Educational Robot - Wireless $249.75 The Thymio 2 is a fully-functional robot out-of-the-box, with a excellent pedigree. This wireless version offers some excellent live features not available in the stock version. ESP01 programmer $7.80 The ESP-01 […]

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